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Mental Health Tip – Parents: Listen First, Fix Second

For this week's #MentalHealthMonday tip, I want to talk to parents directly. As parents, we tend to want to build walls around our kids, to encase them in bubble wrap, and to protect them at all costs. However, we’ve learned that kids must learn from their mistakes...

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A Case for Social Connectedness and Student Mental Health

We often talk about the importance of good diet and exercise in the maintenance of good mental health in school; however, building and maintain social connections is just as important. And that's this week's #MentalHealthMonday Tip. A Case for Social Connectedness and...

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Happiness Jar Fosters Positive Mental Health Habits

The stress that students place on themselves – and that are placed on them – is ever-growing. Exams, assignments, work, financial pressures, social pressures, and/or living away from home add an often unbearable amount of stress and anxiety to even the most...

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Vancouver Island University Says #YellowIsForHello

We enjoy - and are grateful for - every unveiling ceremony for The Lucas Fiorella Friendship Bench and #YellowIsForHello student mental health campaign that we participate in. Each has it's unique character, story, and memories. Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo...

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How Laughter Fights Anxiety & Depression in Students [video]

While traveling through various universities and colleges last week I noticed a few groups of students playing the bawdy card game “Cards Against Humanity” and really laughing their asses off. I’ve played the game with friends, I know where that laughter comes from;...

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Western Canada Secondary School Unveils Friendship Bench

W.L. Seaton Secondary, a Vernon, BC school unveiled the #YellowIsForHello student mental health awareness campaign yesterday in a ceremony attended by 900+ students, alumni, faculty, and community members. The effort to bring The Lucas Fiorella Friendship Bench to...

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Being Honest About Your Anxiety and Depression

Depression is not new. It’s an ailment that can be traced back to Mesopotamian time when it was called “melancholia.”  It’s an illness that affects a large portion of the population – all ages – in some form or another. Similar to the way someone could suffer from the...

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Northern Ontario High School Unveils The Friendship Bench

St. Mary's College in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario was the 3rd consecutive unveiling in as many weeks for The Lucas Fiorella Friendship Bench as we enter our second scholastic year attempting to paint the country yellow for student mental health awareness. . St. Mary's...

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