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Join our growing national network of participating schools!

We’re now accepting requests from members of Canadian* secondary and post-secondary schools (student councils, student service groups, school faculty/administration, mental health/student service departments, etc.).

Our 100% volunteer-run organization works with schools to raise the funds to deliver/install our iconic yellow friendship bench and implement our innovative #YellowIsForHello mental health awareness campaign.

The Friendship Bench is a permanent installation designed to:

  • Be a permanent reminder to students to take minute of out their day to sit, breathe and talk (or think) about their mental health and that of their peers
  • Encourage peer-to-peer conversations about mental health
  • Via the on-bench web-address/hashtag, connect students with available on-campus mental health support service
  • Act as a tool to help inspire and augment existing on-campus mental health awareness efforts

The #YellowIsForHello mental health awareness campaign is designed to:

  • Support existing on-campus mental health education campaigns
  • Decrease the stigma surrounding mental health
  • Encourage more peer-to-peer dialogue among students in their preferred communication channels

NEW! We are now accepting applications from Canadian community groups and community centres.

*Sorry, at this time, this program is only available in Canada.

Request a Bench

Request a Friendship Bench for your school or faculty - simply fill out the details below. Note: at this time, this program is only available in Canada.
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