Many young men are reportedly discovering the art of knitting – and it’s a good thing (to quote Martha Stewart). Many will criticize this as “just another hipster fad” but whatever the reason for this trend, I’m thankful for it.

And no, I’m not putting out a call for a hand-knit beard cozy; I’m thankful that men are discovering this hobby because of the growing link between people participating in their favourite hobbies and improved mental health.

“Personal pursuits spark and satisfy our curiosity, get creative juices flowing and exercise our problem-solving skills. This is why people who enjoy hobbies have a lower risk for dementia and depression,” reports Jacqueline Marshall for “Enjoyment of our favourite activities helps reduce blood pressure, relieve stress, and elevate mood. These activities add interest to our lives and make us more interesting people to be with.”

While it may not be the physical act of knitting or antique shopping or woodworking or any other hobby that strikes your interest, actively participating in hobbies breaks the monotony or mundaneness of your work or scholastic schedules.

This, in turn, gives your brain a break, sparks your creativity, and improves your mood!

Further, it gives you a reason to get out and connect with others, gives you another point of interest to discuss with friends and connect more frequently.

A hobby is an interest or activity that we engage in outside our school or work activities because it brings us pleasure.

Have other hobby ideas or your own experiences with enjoying a hobby and mental health? Be sure to share it with us in the comments below!