For emergencies, call 911. You can also visit our listing of provincial support groups.

On a Friendship Bench campus? Find local resources by clicking on your school’s logo below.

If you need help and you’re unsure where to start, these Provincial Resources can help connect you to the right people/organization.
Our goal is to have a bench in every school and education facility that wishes to have one – please help us make it happen.
The Friendship Bench continues the legacy of Lucas Fiorella, and seeks to offer help and a friendly voice for those that need it.

Latest News and Media

The Power Of Human Touch

THERE IS GOOD IN PEOPLE, despite what we’re seeing through today’s media/political lens. We’re not all afraid of our neighbours; we do have compassion for fellow human beings. And it seems that now – more than ever – we need to re-connect...

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Amazon Contributes to Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

“Amazon Contributes to Stigma Surrounding Mental Health” It’s the opposite headline from that which we would expect to be seeing about a large corporation today; with so many organizations like Bell Canada going out of their way to help reduce the stigma...

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8-Year Old Donates Birthday Gifts For Mental Health Campaign

On the occasion of his 8th birthday, young Lucas continued his annual “give back” effort. This year, he asked his family and friends to donate money to the Yellow Is For Hello mental health awareness campaign so that more Friendship Benches and their...

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