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The Lucas Fiorella Friendship Bench is a Canadian-registered not-for-profit corporation that launched in April 2015 to continue the selfless acts of Lucas Fiorella, a Canadian student who, after suffering from depression in secret for a number of years, took his own life in October 2014.

You can find out more about The Friendship Bench, including campaigns, bench launches, press releases and more in our media centre.

The Friendship Bench

Our efforts are built around this iconic yellow friendship bench, which is installed at secondary and post-secondary schools. Learn more



The affiliated #YellowIsForHello campaign is used to connect on-campus and digital awareness and education campaigns. Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

Further information about the program, who it’s for, what it does and success rates across the faculties that have a bench installed. Learn more

News Releases

As The Friendship Bench program expands across Canada, our mission is being picked up by various media outlets and channels. Learn more

Our Team

The Friendship Bench is a fully volunteer-driven organization, led by people with personal connections to the initiative. Learn more

Social Media

Social media plays an important part in The Friendship Bench’s communications strategy for connecting with students. Learn more

A Simple Hello Can Save a Life

The Lucas Fiorella Friendship Bench campaign was created to continue the legacy of Lucas Fiorella who, after secretly suffering from depression, took his own life on October 12, 2014. Despite his own personal battle, he showed that a simple hello can save a life – this has become the mantra of The Friendship Bench.

Campuses with The Friendship Bench program installed


Increase in students seeking help on campuses with benches installed

Students benefiting from The Friendship Bench program

Canadian provinces supporting The Friendship Bench program

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